Breads to Share

Skulking loafer   

Oven warmed garlic & caramelised onion loaf served with a side of garlic herb butter.                                


Captains Camembert

Crumbed Camembert wedges deep fried until golden brown and served with a spicy plum sauce and salad garnish.

Pork Belly Bites

Twice cooked pork belly cubes caramelised with Chinese five spice and hoisin sauce garnished with fennel and apple slaw.



Headless Chicken

 Oven roasted chicken breast stuffed with gruyere cheese, fresh herbs, Dijon mustard and ground almonds served on a leek and potato rosti and topped with a mango, black bean salsa, finished with a side of seasonal vegetables.  $

Rogues Lamb Salad (v)

Marinated Lamb rump pan roasted pink then sliced and served on a salad of mixed leaf, feta, tomato, red onion, cranberry, mint, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, diced herb roast potatoes, finished with a pomegranate dressing and tzatziki yoghurt. $

Black Market Fish & Chips

Beer battered fish of the day accompanied our homemade tartare sauce by seasoned fries and mixed salad.

Rebels Ribeye

300gm chargrilled ribeye cooked to your liking, topped with mushroom sauce accompanied by seasoned fries & house salad.

Billy Bones Ribs

8 of our infamous slow roasted, caramelised pork ribs covered in our house made tangy BBQ sauce & accompanied by seasoned fries & house salad.


Chocolate & Raspberry Brownie

Served warm with fresh berries freshly whipped cream & ice cream.

Cheesecake of the Day

Your server will advise you of today’s flavour, served with  vanilla bean ice cream & whipped cream.


Breads + Main $39          Entree + Main $43           Main + Dessert $43
Breads + Main $39           Entree + Main $46           Main + Dessert $46
Breads, Main + Dessert $49          Entree, Main + Dessert $52       Breads, Entree, Main + Dessert $55
Entree, Main, Dessert + House Wine or Beer $59
Breads, Entree, Main, Dessert + House Wine or Beer $62